Small Groups

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Real, relevant, and regular interaction with other Christians is a nonnegotiable part of a healthy Christian life, and small groups form the backbone of Resurrection Church. Our small groups meet throughout the city at various times during the week. To find a group near you, check out the list below.

Current Small Groups


9:00am              Small group for adults with Dr. Paulson (Church, Room 200)

Contact the church office at

9:00am              Small group for the deaf (Church, Room 207) (Last Sunday of each month)

Contact Renee Mauney at

6:00pm              Surge (Youth Group) (Church, Center for New Life)

Contact Christian Reynolds at

6:30pm              Small Group for adults (Millers’ home)

Contact Melissa Miller at 


7:00pm              Small Group for families (Kirkpatricks’ home)

Contact David Link at


7:00pm              Small Group for young families (Church, Living Room)

Contact Matt and Joanna Duddleston at

7:30pm              Small Group for adults (Manleys’ home)

Contact Norman and Karen Manley at


11:00am            Bible Study / Midweek Service / Visit the Homebound

(Church, Living Room and Chapel)

Contact Rollo and Judy Leimer at

7:00pm              Small Group for young adults (Church, Living Room)

Contact Christian Reynolds at

7:00pm              Small Group for adults (Rays’ home)

Contact Chuck Davis at


7:00pm              Small Group for adults (Church, Living Room)

Contact Andrea Redmond at

7:00pm              Small Group for adults (Wentzes’ home)

Contact Tim Wentz at