Why we do what we do

In addition to our core beliefs, the following core values define who we are and what we’re about.

We are Married to the Message.

We really believe the things we teach and strive to embody them in our daily lives.  We want to look like Jesus, so our passion is to close the gap between the life we live and the life we’re called to.

We Are Contenders.

We believe God empowers His people to change the world. Therefore, we boldly pray for salvation, healing, and deliverance and expect our big God to respond to big prayers. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and that miracles, signs, and wonders still play an important role in the establishment of God’s kingdom in the earth.

We are Pioneers.

Innovation, change, and risk are the natural by-products of faith.  We believe God has called us to go into uncharted territories and bring to them the kingdom of God.  We are a church with a pioneering history and a pioneering spirit, and we understand that change is normal, necessary, and expected.

We are connected.

We believe individuals only reach their full potential in relationship with God and others. In community, we commit to the hard work of communication, patience, and forgiveness. We share our lives, deal with conflict quickly, and kill gossip before it breeds.  Because we believe everyone needs a Savior, we genuinely love people in spite of their flaws. 

We are givers.

Generosity is God’s economy.  God is a giver, and we delight in being like Him.  As stewards of the Lord’s infinite resources, we freely and joyfully share our time, talents, and material possessions for the good of others and the advancement of God’s kingdom.  We give and we enjoy giving.

We enjoy the ride.

We do not take for granted what God is doing in our midst, and we do not assume any of it is due to our own hard work or heroism.  We rely on the grace of God and seek to establish healthy life rhythms that honor God’s design and plan.  We fully embrace hard work and rest, determined effort and celebration, seriousness and fun.